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FLIGHTSIMTECH is the company for cost-effective flight simulators with a full service portfolio.

Flightsimtech’s service for you.


We distribute products from popular companies in Europe:
  • FLIGHTDECK SOLUTIONS (FDS), Canada (complete Cockpits, turn-key-solutions)
  • TRC Simulators, Netherlands, General Aviation Trainer C172 G1000 und conventional cockpits
  • Various high quality hardware suppliers like FlyByCockpits (Portugal), SimKits (Netherlands), Flightillusion (Netherlands)
  • complex software suits for various aircraft types like ProSim737 (B737-NG), SIM-AVIONICS (B737-NG, B777) und ProSim A320
  • distribution of used original aircraft parts like IPECO seats and rails, original flight instruments and panels from A320/B737 and others


FLIGHTSIMTECH offers competent consulting service and extensive technical guidance to all questions regarding flight simulators and provides you with individual offers considering all you needs.
  • You are unsure whether a single seater, dual seater or a complete cockpit will meet your needs?
  • Welcher Flugzeugtyp passt zu meinem Flugprofil?
  • Which aircraft type matches your flight profile?
  • Which visual system and computers are required?
  • Motion or fix-based?
  • You want to integrate a simulator into your business or you want to start a fun flight business?


Our know-how for your simulator.
  • Best setup of compatible hardware and software components
  • Setting-up of computers
  • Delivery and shipping of your order whether as a kit or turn-key solution
  • Installation of software and hardware on-site
  • complete software installation via remote
  • a single support contact for your entire system
  • retrofitting, upgrading and modification of existing systems
  • maintenance of new and used systems whether for private or commercial use
  • training of your instructors and service personnel

the team

  • Klemens Klein

    Founder and CEO

    Sales and Marketing, Private Pilot since 1991,
    business angel and mentor for start-ups

    Languages: German / English

    phone eMail
  • Frauke Klein


    Administration and organization of internal processes

    Languages: German / Englisch

    phone eMail

  • Henry Bergmann

    Technical sales

    System Engineer and Integrator for Complete Cockpit Systems,
    Service and Maintenance, for FDS and Original Cockpits, PPL-A Owner

    Languages: German / English

    phone eMail

about us

about us

Our principles

We approach our customers with loyalty and passion, in close contact with you FLIGHTSIMTECH works out an individual solution suiting all your requirements.

100% performance

We provide all services which are necessary to set-up, operate and maintain flight simulators. FLIGHTSIMTECH can rely on extensive know-how and our team consists of experienced pilots, technicians and engineers. We can assist you with your project independent from brands whether private or commercial.

Retrofitting and upgrading

Certainly we can also support you with retrofitting and upgrading your existing system.

Focus on costumers

We have an eye on costumer´s needs, work cost-efficient and with great passion. We are the exclusive distributor of Flightdeck Solutions from Canada, which is one of the leading manufactures of non-certified cockpit simulators and equipment. We can also provide you with products from TRC and B.O.T.

Know How

Our know-how is based on a long-term operation of a simulator center near Berlin and extensive service and maintenance missions as well as numerous installations of new setups throughout Europe.


  • address
    Knausstraße 3, 14193 Berlin
  • phone
    +4930 895 906 30
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